About Dr. Grandi

Doctor of Nursing Practice in San Diego, Chula Vista and Vista, CA

Donna Grandi, DNP

About Dr. Grandi

Dr. Grandi is a Doctor Nurse Practitioner (DNP) who has practiced Integrative Medicine for over 30 years. As a Doctor Nurse Practitioner she is board certified in both Family Practice and Psychiatry.

Dr. Grandi works with patients with a myriad of psychiatric disorders that include but not limited to mood disorders, Dissociative disorders, Trauma and stressor related disorders. Neuro-developmental disorders. Sleep-wake disorders.Neuro-cognitive disorders, substance-related and addictive disorders. She strongly adheres to a mind-body-spirit approach in caring for her patients as unique individuals, utilizing evidence-based practice management and integrating both the mental and physical health of her patients across their life span in order to provide comprehensive healthcare.