Forensic Mental Health

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Forensic Mental Health services offered in San Diego, Chula Vista and Vista, CA

Sometimes, the criminal justice system requires the services of licensed mental health providers to evaluate suspects or provide expert evidence. The specialists at KAB Medical Group Inc. in San Diego, Hollywood, and Chula Vista, California, offer forensic mental health services. Call the office today or schedule a consultation online if you need forensic psychiatric services.

Forensic Mental Health Q & A

What are forensic mental health services?

Forensic mental health encompasses services for people in the criminal justice system. It includes evaluations and treatments for those with a history of mental health issues, a history of criminal offenses, and those at risk of offending. 

Forensic mental health providers help determine if a suspected offender should be found not guilty on the grounds of mental impairment.

Who needs forensic mental health services?

The team at KAB Medical Group Inc. provides forensic mental health services to local and national police services. They offer expert testimonies in court and may provide evaluations and treatment in prisons and secure hospitals. 

What services are included in forensic mental health?

Forensic mental health services are similar to mental health services for the general public, with one significant difference. In addition to providing evaluations and treatments, forensic mental health providers also offer expert witness testimony. 

The primary forensic mental health services include:


The providers at KAB Medical Group Inc. perform comprehensive psychiatric and psychological evaluations. These assessments allow your provider to identify mental illness or cognitive disorders. This information can be valuable to investigators and lawyers who are putting together a case. 

An evaluation can determine whether a person is capable of making a plea in court, their state of mind at the time of the offense, and their current need for psychiatric treatment.


The team also offers treatment, including medication and counseling services, for people in the criminal justice system. Psychotherapy can be part of a rehabilitative program for offenders or included as a requirement in a plea.


In addition to evaluating and treating suspects and offenders, the KAB Medical Group team also offers expert testimony. They may be called on to provide information about a specific type of mental illness and how it affects a person's cognitive function and behaviors in a court case. 

Similarly, if a team member offers an evaluation and diagnosis for a suspect, they might be called on to explain their diagnosis and what it means in front of a jury. 

For example, they can identify and explain the difference between psychotic and non-psychotic illnesses and how these conditions affect a person's thought processes and behaviors. 

If you need forensic mental health services, call KAB Medical Group Inc. or schedule a consultation online today.