Dr Bindal and his staff are always there for me. The TMS is flawless.

MARYANN C. | Jul 04, 2024
Dr. Bindal has changed my life. I never thought I’d live a life without anxiety or depression before meeting him. Meditation, medication, working out, etc, I’ve tried it all and nothing has worked the way TMS has

DEVYN P. | Jun 12, 2024
Doctor Bobbi is brilliante

VERONIQUE M. | Jun 07, 2024
Excellent care and concern. I don't feel like a number but as a individual and what my personal needs are.

HOLLY W. | May 25, 2024

EIDIN K. | May 25, 2024
Dr. Randi Maples' service, dedication, and outstanding advice in providing care to her patients is always top notch. Thank you, Ma'am.

SCALVIN ORINION G. | May 17, 2024
Dr. Burke is great ! She’s caring and sweet !

NORMA R. | May 12, 2024
These guys are the best! I'm just a week into my Latuda, and I can finally say I have found the right med. Totally blissed out, stabilized, and in love with life. Thank you Dr. Dickson! And the TMS by Dr. Bindal helped enormously. Boy, been such a long hard haul in my particularly sorry, painful case, but I can finally say that I found the right psychiatrists! I have yet to get on the loads of funny jokes they must know and utter when off duty. LOL. Support these great people! Thank you dear lovely Romy. Such a sweet gem, so pleasant and courteous. My two cents: court the government right now to gain access to MDMA and psilocybin when they are FDA approved in say about 12-15 years? (hopefully) and your business will soar and heal loads more! You are right on the cutting edge! Just stay there and keep on keeping on! Keep calm and carry on as the Brits say. Go RAF! I highly recommend the book The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide by James Fadiman, and just going to live concerts with loving earthy folks. Peace and love! Returning love. Returning love. MAPS and Rick Doblin of course have the latest estimates on timelines for legalization of the new psychedelic meds.

MARK E. | May 11, 2024
Dr. Burke is the Best!! She is kind and Compassionate, I have always felt the level of care that she gives me, in my Gut, I am ALWAYS Able to tell her my true issues and how I feel. I feel safe to say anything to Dr. Burke, BECAUSE she won't judge me. Thank you Dr, Burke for being who you are!

THERESA H. | Apr 26, 2024
Dr. Bindal’s commitment to patient care and his patients’ well-being is truly commendable.

GERALD C A. | Apr 25, 2024
The ladies and the doctor are friendly and very helpful! I have felt so much better since starting my tms therapy and I am excited to see what the future holds! Thank you all!!

HEIDI H. | Apr 24, 2024
The interview was fine. It reminded me of everything we lost in this horrific fire. Just wish Southern California Edison had taken care of their lines in the canyon so we wouldn’t have to go through all this trauma at this stage of our lives.

SANDRA V. | Apr 20, 2024
I was hesitant to try TMS, but other options had not helped me, so I decided to give it a shot. My results are outstanding. I have seen great improvement in my symptoms and mood. I am grateful to Dr Bindal and his wonderful Chula Vista Staff for their care and support.

JENIFER W. | Apr 19, 2024

MICHELLE B. | Apr 19, 2024
I have had nothing but a positive experience with Dr. Bindil. TMS therapy worked for me and I recommend it if you’ve never tried this type of therapy before.

ANNEMARIE G. | Apr 18, 2024
What a wonderful psychiatrist, I lost my loving wife in December 2022 , relocated to California in August 2024, was extremely depressed, thankfully Julie was recommended and she was able to see me, since that time she has recommended medication for the depression, as a result I am very happy and feel like a new man, thank you Julie for being so sensitive to my needs! Al

Alvin H. | Apr 16, 2024
Alicia Burke makes me feel human. Not just a number she makes me feel like an individual. She works my medication to a perfect balance. She is so easy to talk to. I can trust her with my intermost thoughts and feelings. She supports my volunteer endeavors. She helps in all aspects of my physical and mental well being.

HOLLY W. | Apr 09, 2024
Dr.Bindal is terrific and he’s a great Doctor/psychiatrist. He addresses all my concerns and is supportive. The whole KMG staff is amazing as well. They’re all friendly and attentive. For anyone experiencing mental health issues please reach out to KMG psychiatry. I highly recommend their services, especially TMS.

LUISA VICTORIA D. | Apr 03, 2024
Dr. Grandi is so far the only professional in the field who has given me the heartwarming feeling of not being alone, my struggle matters. I'm one of those people who's been struggling silently and screaming for help inside, not even sharing their problems or feelings. It takes a huge effort for me to ask for help from others, even for the smallest things. Despite being very observant and determined, it took a great deal of time for me to align with someone who not only understands but also makes me feel that I'm not alone. She's always been there, and I have been able to reach her any time I've found myself stuck.

Pinar K. | Apr 01, 2024
Dr. Burke is an incredible medical provider. She listens and reacts immediately when needed. I feel very fortunate to have her help me manage my health condition. I leave every phone call feeling heard and cared for.

AMANDA J. | Mar 19, 2024
I would give Dr. Grandi many more stars if possible. My experience with her has been above and beyond what I expected from a mental health care provider. She is passionate about doing her part in making this world a better place for everyone, by helping one patient at a time. I can't express how amazing she is in just a few sentences. You would have to be lucky enough to experience it yourself.

Maryam B. | Mar 19, 2024
Dr. Maples changes my life for the best. She has helped me to overcome many obstacles in my life. She is an amazing psychologist, and most importantly and amazing person. Thank you doctor.

ANDRES R. | Mar 14, 2024
Dr. Bindal and his staff are some of the best I have ever had the pleasure to assist me in my darkest moments. I recommend them to anyone who asks for it. Should you be looking for help, give them a chance. They truly care.

JACQUELYN K. | Mar 08, 2024
The staff were great. The process was simple

MORTON K. | Feb 28, 2024
Alicia Burke, DNP, PMHNP, is very knowledgable and really goes out of her way to make sure all questions and concerns are answered. You are in great hands when having her as your doctor. Cheers!

TANIA W. | Feb 27, 2024
Alicia Bruke is a wonderful Doctor. She has always helped me with my mental health issues. I really appreciate her supporting me through this difficult process.

OFELIA C. | Feb 23, 2024
Dr Bindal and his team provide extremely effective treatment. They continue to offer support and are always there when you need them.

DANIEL R. | Jan 18, 2024
Believe me when I say I've had a lot of doctors. Doctor Bindal gave exceptional service, and id highly recommend him to anyone. I've only had one appointment with him, but as far as I can tell, I'm in the hands of one very capable person.

TYLER D. | Jan 07, 2024
I had a wonderful experience with KMG and the girls at the Chula Vista location really are amazing. Casandra is a caring and kind person she is always available and helpful With whatever you need.

JOANNA A. H. | Dec 14, 2023
She’s the best. Completely understands me is very caring and is easy to work with.

LUIS M. | Nov 25, 2023
They accommodate your hours and are so so understanding when you need to cancel and reschedule. I am 100% satisfied with my care - all 80 visits.

SUSANA B. | Nov 18, 2023
Simply said, I feel healthy. After 25+ years of dealing with anxiety and depression and countless doctors, I have found Dr Bindal and his wonderful staff. Absolute heaven sent. From the first appointment, Dr Bindal showed genuine interest in how he could help. TMS has me feeling a calm and peace I can’t recall feeling in a very long time. My wife says she has her husband back and my daughter says she got here dad back. Thank you for your care! I feel happy

Alonso S. | Nov 10, 2023
Excellent professional advice.

DONALD L. | Nov 02, 2023
Great people but don’t answer phone calls or reply

DUSTIN A. L. | Oct 10, 2023
Reviewed my case and symptoms, then discussed a new magnetic procedure/ therapy that has proven effective. Read email about this procedure , and ask doctor to check if this therapy was covered by UHC insurance. Response from Dr. and insurance pending.

GREGORY J. | Sep 18, 2023
They are very welcoming and kind!! They make me special.

I haven't been seen yet, so until go and see for the TMS I'LL rate my experience. As for speaking with DR. ANKUR BINDAL IT WAS A GOOD EXPERIENCE.

EDDIE G. | Jul 18, 2023
Very attentive and friendly. Im looking forward to treatment.

ROBIN S B. | Jul 18, 2023
I will forever be grateful to Dr. Bindal and the staff at KMG Physiatry. The treatment I received and counseling helped me tremendously. So much so that after the second week of treatment I did not feel the need to take my anti depressants and haven't since then. I am overall happier and have a positive outlook on my life. I've never felt lighter. So if you are at a point in your life where you are just mentally tired, seek help via your PCP, commit to the TMS treatment with KMG Physiatry and become lighter. It is life changing. Thank you guys so much for your help.

Lesley T. | Jul 14, 2023
The staff at the office were very professional, cordial, and most all very accommodating with my schedule. The young ladies in the office treat you like family, they remember your name immediately, and they smile and respect you. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs assistance with their mental health needs.

JOSE C. | Jul 11, 2023

MARK A. G. | Jul 01, 2023
I recently completed TMS treatment at KMG Psychiatry and I had a really good experience. Right from my initial appointment, I felt completely at ease as Dr. Bindal made sure I was heard and understood. He recommended TMS, (which I had never heard of) and I'm really glad I did. Within the first 10 days of the TMS therapy, I started noticing changes. After a total of 60 visits, I can confidently say that I've seen substantial improvement in my mental health, and I feel like my depression is now in remission. It's difficult to quantify, but the positive shift is undeniable. Friends and coworkers have noticed. The team at KMG Psychiatry are wonderful. They were concerned about my comfort level, always checking mid-appointment to make sure I was comfortable. They were very accommodating and flexible, allowing me to have my appointments before work. This commitment to patient-centric care is what sets It's always hard to seek help, I'm glad I finally did. I felt acknowledged, understood, and supported throughout my treatment.

Jennifer B. | Jun 08, 2023
Had a telehealth appointment with Dr. Bindal within an hour of calling. I expected to wait at least weeks, if not longer. Started TMS treatments within a week. Doctor is great. Staff is excellent. Everyone is nice. Bedside manners are important to me and you often don't get that in psychiatric care.

NICHOLAS G. | May 27, 2023
I really enjoyed talking to the doctor I am looking forward to making a change

LAURIE H. | May 21, 2023
I liked Dr. Grandi's approach in dealing with my intelligent 13-year-old daughter's mental/emotional struggles. She had a big smile on her face knowing she was finally getting the right psychiatric intervention from a capable and competent doctor. We are both hopeful, happy, and feel fortunate to have access to her holistic approach.

Maryam B. | May 16, 2023
Wish it was in office visit.

JASMINE J. | Apr 21, 2023
The staff and doctor both were so kind and listened to me. The staff responded so quickly and I was able to get an appointment quickly.

ALLISON M. | Apr 16, 2023
Very professional

JAMES R. | Apr 15, 2023
Dr. Bindal has been helpful and personable. He explained what are the natural remedies and ways to deal with the problem.

MARIA T M. | Mar 31, 2023
The consultation was very informative

KIMBERLY H. | Mar 22, 2023
Dr. Bindal was very helpful, accommodating, informative, and I was very grateful for the treatment.

DARCY K. | Mar 19, 2023

VIVIAN M. | Feb 28, 2023
Have only spoken w/Dr. Bindal once over the phone so far he sounds attentive and explains things well.

RUBEN EDWARD E. | Feb 21, 2023
Nancy is very happy when she finishes her TMS. The original nurse that we had was fabulous, attentive and explains everything so we understand. The new gal, is kind, but she isn’t attentive and doesn’t bump up the machine like she says she is. She never comes back in until Nancy is done. We were under the impression that she would bump up the numbers. She herself told us in 8min she’d be back and she never does till Nancy is completely done. We don’t wanna complain but we want all the proper care.

Nancy P. | Feb 14, 2023
Dr. Bindal has helped me in my mental health journey in so many ways. Listens very carefully and provides the appropriate treatment. In addition, he understands culture and current struggles people face day to day. I am very happy to be in his care.

U K. | Feb 10, 2023
He asked me lots of questions, very informative, caring, I liked a new treatment he recommended

PAULA G. | Jan 21, 2023
Good dr

SANYOGITA Y. | Dec 13, 2022
Oftentimes, I have challenges explaining my illness & the way it has changed my life.

LORENE MARIE H. | Nov 21, 2022
Many interesting treatment options discussed.

DAVID G. | Nov 05, 2022
Quality psychiatrist team and staff.

Daniel B. | Oct 22, 2022
Dr. Bindal is awesome. I felt really cared for.

Hunter L. | Oct 18, 2022
Dr. Bindai was excellent. Diagnosed me with professionalism, care, and I would recommend him to others

JESUS S. | Oct 02, 2022
First time with this office, and felt very comfortable.

ROSA F. | Oct 01, 2022

ARDEL S. | Sep 27, 2022
The care and thoughtfulness for Dr Bindal and Dr Missaghi have done wonders for my mental health. I would have not been able to be on the road to recovery without their guidance. I would recommend everyone to this place for any mental health needs.

Katherine R. | Sep 01, 2022
I am very grateful for my experience here. Dr. Bindal and the staff were amazing throughout the whole process and extremely helpful. Doing TMS has genuinely changed my life for the better. I had been in and out of intensive treatments for years and am diagnosed bpd amongst other things, so medication has never been helpful for me long term. After completing the treatment, I feel like my baseline mood is more optimistic and I feel like I have the ability to process stressors in when I’m upset without spiraling all the way down and becoming overwhelmed with emotion. The difference now from when I first started is incredible. It’s worth it!

Ilusion L. | Aug 31, 2022
Dr. Bindal was very kind, polite, listened to my issues , was very explanatory and informative.

ANNA M. | Aug 30, 2022
All I can say…. ACCESS TO CARE! Dr. Bindal is available; responsive and supportive. He seems to truly appreciate military members and he appreciates the special circumstances we often have with MH. Thank you!!

Renate M. | Aug 25, 2022
previously to KMG Psychiatry, I had met with 3 different doctors, I almost gave up on trying to get help. The first time I spoke to Dr. Ankur Bindal, I immediately felt more hopeful. He has the most energizing voice, always transmitting so much positivity. When you become his patient, you'll just know you'll be in good hands. Dr. Bindal never gave up on me, He would always follow up, and wouldn't stop until I was at 100%. As he told me once :) My team was at National City, had the pleasure of working with Cassandra, she is a phenomenal human being, and always so happy! she would always make my day :) I also frequented Weathers place a couple of times, they all work together to accommodate you. Not only is Dr. Bindal magnificent, but his staff is also superb, he knows how to choose the right team to work with you. You are in the right place, and in the best care with Dr. Bindal.

ELLA S. | Aug 23, 2022
Dr. Bindal was attentive and listened to what I was going through, and came up with a plan of action right out of the gates.

Stephen K. | Jul 26, 2022
These people are wonderful. I have never met such supportive people, especially in the medical field. 10/10 I am eternally grateful for Dr. Bindal and everyone else working here.

Lucerys A. | May 27, 2022
Absolutely wonderful people

TAMMY B. | May 26, 2022
Dr. Bindal is very experienced, professional and caring.

Priscila R. | May 19, 2022
Chose this place cause the receptionist was nice and polite. The doctor was a great experience and wanted to solve the problem.

JUAN F. | May 07, 2022
TMS was something I didn’t know about before I came here. But i’m glad I did it. It has helped so much thanks to the help of Dr. Bindal and their staff.

ALLISON W. | May 05, 2022
Dr Ankar Bindal is excellent. 5 Stars*

Donald L. | Apr 21, 2022
It was a good experience

DEMEKO B. | Apr 20, 2022
Very personal and friendly

Steven W. | Apr 20, 2022
The staff and Dr Ankur Bindal were some of the most professional and kindest people I've ever met. The TMS therapy was extremely helpful. Before treatment I was feeling so distraught and hopeless. I was actually sobbing all the time for NO apparent reasons. I slept alot to not deal with the sadness. It took almost the complete amount of sessions of TMS to actually feel better. It was very much worth the wait and effort. The staff was always very welcoming to me and accommodating to me concerning my schedule. They always were very pleasant and caring. I know Dr. Bindal is a very big advocate for people who need mental health care. He always reassures you that he will be supportive of you and stick by you until there is a positive solution to your suffering. He gives you hope that someone actually cares. I would like to thank everyone at KMS Psychiatry for helping me to feel soo much better and productive in my life. Sincere thanks, Vickie Gambarella

VICKIE G. | Apr 20, 2022
I love this office . Very professional and courteous.

Rada N. | Apr 14, 2022
Dr. Bindal was extremely pleasant; and concerned. Extremely welcoming!

RAYNETTE M. | Apr 12, 2022
I have a good conversation with the doctor. Question asked are very easy to understand. I was able to express my feeling that i've been keeping inside of me for so many years. It's my great pleasure to have Dr. Bindal as my Psychiatrist. Thank you so much.

LAMBERTO N. | Apr 02, 2022
Dr. Bindal and his staff are very understanding and helpful. Someone who struggles with their mental health and was hesitant to get help . they helped me understand what they are doing and how it benefits me so I am not left in the dark.

Maelanierizelle E. | Mar 30, 2022
Dr. Bindal is awesome, I highly recommend him for anybody who has mental health issues.

Markettus S. | Mar 25, 2022
I love that he seems very sincere and knows what he is saying . Not like my previous doctor

LEOMAR C. | Mar 19, 2022
I think Dr. Bindal and his staff are very caring towards people with mental health issues. This has been the longest time I've had without a severe episode, just mediocre days now. Dr. Bindal has followed up with issues personally whenever they occur, so I trust KMG to help me through my mental health issues!

Sherikei Marie C. | Mar 16, 2022
Thank you Dr. Bindal. You were fantastic at addressing my issues and concerns. I’m so happy to be treated by you!

Saviz F. | Mar 02, 2022
Absolutely great listener and provided great advice.

TAMMY B. | Feb 28, 2022
Dr. Bindal has been a fundamental part of my recovery. He is very thorough in explaining how I need to take my medication, implement exercises such as yoga or meditation to help me get healthier. I greatly appreciate everything he has done for me.

Monica B. | Feb 02, 2022
LOVE Dr Bindal. Caring, listens, and has great advice, ALWAYS.

Joy H. | Feb 02, 2022
I have had depression for 40 years and I’ve tried just about everything The TMS treatment is the first thing that made a noticeable difference in a short amount of time I would highly recommend it to anyone who has lived with depression it certainly helped me And everyone in my family has noticed a difference. It is wonderful to be feeling better to be able to do more things to think more clearly be more alert and recover from life‘s disappointments more quickly.

LIZA K. | Jan 26, 2022
I called and got a same day appointment! Everyone has been amazing and couldn’t be more hopeful for the first time in years!

JORDYN J. | Jan 20, 2022
What makes him exceptional he listens to you and tries to understand your underlying conditions based on how you perceive your situation . He always make sure that he takes care of you .

Allan D. | Jan 13, 2022
Dr. Bindal had great communication skills, which has been issue for me with past providers.

Britany R. | Jan 08, 2022
Highly recommend. Dr. Bindal and his team helped me feel much better in terms of managing my anxiety and depression.

MYA R. | Dec 04, 2021
Dr. Bindal and his staff are amazing, friendly and professional. As a veteran of 21 years suffering from ptsd, TMS has helped me more than any medication can. My life has improved for the better. Thank you!

Joseph V. | Dec 02, 2021
Excellent service

Vanessa A. | Nov 19, 2021
KMG has an exemplary staff. Dr. Bindal and Dr. Maples pulled me out from a very dark time. Being a long-hauler, with all of the pain in the body and mind, they pulled me back from the ledge. I love the entire staff as they are very caring and reassuring. KMG is the real deal - do what you need to do to get on their schedule. It’s a big commitment, but if you want your life back - get into seeing them today. You will thrive in this caring environment! I cannot write enough about how they helped me. It starts with a phone call, make that commitment and they can answer all your questions. I love each and every staff member - I wouldn’t be here today without them. Take the first step and make the call - TMS has been approved by the FDA.

Sally R. | Nov 12, 2021
dr bindal gave excellent suggestions

HALLEY M. | Nov 05, 2021
Staff are very accommodating, professional and friendly. Always have a big smiles on their face. They’re like family that listens to you.

Minda L. | Nov 02, 2021
Dr Bindal is the most empathetic psychiatrist I’ve met in a while. He really empathizes with you and works to come up with a plan to help you. He even remembers what you mentioned in an appointment almost one month ago. I can’t recommend him enough.

SARA S. | Oct 22, 2021
Very informative

JONATHAN Y. | Sep 30, 2021
Dr.Bindal and his staff have been nothing but Amazing! I started my mental health journey a little over a year ago and I highly recommend them to all who need help especially Active Duty Military. They have been a true Blessing! Akisha L Wade Active Duty / Navy

Akisha W. | Sep 26, 2021
Dr Bindal called and asked how I have been doing.It was nice to follow up and check on me as I have experienced deep depression. I'm current patient and I really appreciate the care and support from Dr.Bindal and his staff.

Pam D. | Sep 22, 2021
Dr. Bindal is a compassionate, caring and dedicated provider. I have been a patient at his practice, since Oct 2019 after experiencing severe depression and anxiety. After being treated with TMS therapy I feel significant improvement in my condition. I'm appreciative of the service, and the staff who attend to patients with care, with a smile. Thank you Dr Bindal, for accepting me as your patient, for your encouragement, support and always checking with me, on how I'm doing. I'm now part of KMG Family.

PAM D. | Jun 24, 2021
Dr. Keerthan Somanath is great! I was referred to him by a physician at UCLA. As Dr. Somanath's patient, I feel he genuinely cares and takes the time to provide thoughtful answers and education so we can make the best decision for my mental wellbeing. Dr. Somanath has the smarts and skill set, it's true, but many medical doctors have those. What sets Dr. Somanath apart is his emotional intelligence and an innate, genuine care that shines through to his patients. This can make all the difference to those in need of support. If you're wanting to improve your mental health and overall well-being and lifestyle satisfaction, I'm confident you're in good hands with Dr. Keerthan Somanath. His colleagues at KMG also sound so lovely, but obviously I'm partial : ) Highly recommend

Moni P. | May 18, 2021
Dr. Bindal is a sincere and caring advocate for my mental health. He is easy to talk to and has helped me successfully manage issues that were preventing me from being a happy.

Thomas H. | May 16, 2021
Dr. Bindal is awesome, he has been treating my son now for a few years. He is always warm, welcoming and so easy to talk to. Dr. Bindal always makes sure that everything is going well for not just my son but for me also. The receptionist are kind and friendly. I hope to keep Dr. Bindal as my son's Doctor for years to come.

Kimberly W. | Apr 26, 2021
Great doctor, an office stuff. I a very pleased. They helped me a great deal. Be aware of billing company. They tried to charge me for what I do not owe, and do not want to take the responsibility.

Nora M. | Apr 20, 2021
Dr. Bindal, Cassandra, and the whole staff were so welcoming and understanding. I was skeptical at first but TMS has changed my life! I definitely recommend for anyone with severe depression.

Theresa G. | Apr 17, 2021
Dr. Bindal, Cassandra and the rest of the team are so understanding and always ready to help. I am active duty military and the mental health system is not the best. Dr. Bindal and his team makes me feel like family and that they really truly care about me and my needs to help me lead the best life I can. Thank you!

Earlyn G. | Feb 24, 2021
doctor bindal has been helping me for years. i recommend .

Lisa B. | Jan 11, 2021
I was very skeptical at first with trying TMS therapy since I have been through so many doctors and prescriptions over the course of my life. Dr. Bindal and staff welcomed me and put my worries at ease. Throughout the course of treatment I felt the weight lift off of my shoulders. This simple therapy has helped me find myself, love myself and become whole again. The staff has always been accommodating and incredibly friendly and understanding to everything. My family and friends comment on changes they have noticed and I am able to enjoy life again. I'll never forget the first time Dr. Bindal called for an official check in on treatment (I say official because he was always available for any questions), I was absolutely refreshed that something made me feel like a person again. Rather than a shell that was just blindly going through life. I don't think my cheeks have ever hurt so much as they did that day as I expressed my joy over the phone with the doctor. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Bindal and staff for helping me find myself. For anyone who is hopeless and may feel lost from so many trials and errors, I would strongly recommend this team and treatment. Thank you again Dr. Bindal, I never thought I would be so alive and free from my own prison.

Kristin B. | Oct 13, 2020
very good

Dastan H. | Sep 07, 2020
This place has been the most personal place I have gone so far. I have gone to many psychiatrists but I can say that everyone here truly cares about their patients. I am happy to have found this place and could only hope that anyone seeking help can find a place like this with people that will listen and genuinely care about improving your quality of life. I see Dr Bindal and Dr Maples.

Carly W. | Aug 18, 2020
This office is phenomenal. Everyone who works here is kind and welcoming. I've struggled to find doctors who I could connect with but Dr Maples and Dr Bindal are literally changing my life for the better. The TMS treatment is proving to be effective so far and the process has been very easy thanks to the entire staff.

Michaela C. | Aug 18, 2020
I have been a patient with Dr. Maples and Dr Bindal for over 4 years. I have receive great care here. Although I don’t know if I’ll ever be cure but I have been counseled, provided with proper medication which has helped me in my struggles. Currently started treatment for TMS and am looking for to the results - Mark S

Mark S. | Aug 18, 2020
Maples and Bindal are amazing, Yanine and staff are always welcoming and great, tms has changed my life , depression is practically gone, off medication, this has been the best medical decision Ive come across, I also have alot of friends who have done treatment with great results.

Crystal S. | Aug 18, 2020
I highly appreciate the care I receive from the office. Dr. Bindal is very passionate towards his patients.

Karim A. | Aug 18, 2020
I went to see Dr. Bindal last summer when my ADHD, anxiety and depression became too much to handle. Dr. Bindal was great at diagnosing the issues and coming up with best treatment plan. Now my ADHD symptoms are under control, I have less anxiety and my depression is gone due to TMS treatments.

Alex G. | Aug 18, 2020
Dr. Ankur Bindal, is a great doctor! He is knowledgeable, easy to talk to and I am thankful to have found him. His office staff is polite and is always able to fit me in the schedule, even on short notice. Highly recommend.

Anika H. | Aug 18, 2020
LOVE my phone visits with Dr. Bindal. It's almost as if I'm sitting right in front of him.

Joy H. | Aug 13, 2020
Very good

Michael H. | Aug 07, 2020
Dr. Bindal is great! He's very compassionate and supportive. The staff is always friendly. It's a very comfortable environment to receive treatment.

Daniel R. | Aug 07, 2020
Everyone was very friendly and make you feel really comfortable.

Lelia K. | Aug 07, 2020
Very understanding Doctor and he listens

Kamara S. | Jun 30, 2020
My husband and I have been struggling with my son’s behavior issues for years. After seeing Dr. Bindal; we have seen a dramatic change for the better.

Heather S. | Dec 29, 2019
Dr. Bindal is a great provider. He is kind, understanding, and very professional. From all the psychiatrists I have had, he is by far my favorite.

PRISCILA R. | Dec 29, 2019
Best doctor ever

Nabila N. | Dec 27, 2019